Young Athletes

If you are an elite player who is at the top of your game I can help you. If you are a novice who is just learning I can help you develop into one of the best sports people that you can be. Please take time to read the following article, this relates to my work, my approach and tomorrow’s coaching ideals. Athlete Welfare and Development” by Melanie Lang

We all know the importance of health – state of mind, body and human spirit in our lives. Growing up, physically developing, emotionally changing, studying, playing sport, training, socialising, drama and music, all these are  helping to create the adult you become.

If  you train all day would that make you a better athlete? If you sing all day would that make you a better singer? The answer is: not necessarily !!

Your body is an integral system. It needs more than just knowledge and practice. You need to develop and balance your approach to life as a whole. Develop your life skills.

You need to be able to cope with life as a young professional as life brings it ups and downs. I can help you improve your life skills which will feed into your knowledge and practice and this will feed back into your life skills. See, it’s a circular thing and it separates out the winners from the runners-up!

Below are the key areas that maybe hindering your growth and true potential:

Do any of these ring true?

  1. Do you spend 10,000 hours of your main sport / hobby? Hmm… what happens to your other talents?
  2. suppose you are injured in that sport – can you do any other activities while you recuperate? No? Not good!  If you don’t do any other activities you can expect a slow recovery
  3. Are you fed up with boredom, monotony? This can set in very quickly when you are young
  4. Do you want to stay in bed a lot? Your body will fatigue more at your age because your body is growing and changing at a fast rate
  5. Are you off the pace sometimes or not delivering as well as you can? Your growth spurts at this time may cause lack or loss of coordination
  6. Are you under pressure from all sides? You have distractions and other pressures such as homework, taking the dog for a walk. Its all too much hassle. This bit is part of being a teenager – I can’t help you there!
  7. Dealing with disappointment not making the grade – I can help you!

The main threats to young people is “burn out” or giving up because of disappointment. Once this happens your future is in the balance.

I can help you to overcome all of these by working with me as a group or as a one on one..

I can improve your:

  • Spacial awareness – balance, poise
  • Skills for life – determination, ambition, recovery, self awareness, motivation and enthusiasm.

We can do this together through diverse activities and a programme structured just for you.

I promise you it will NOT get boring and I will try not to bite you!

So whether you want to train or if you need rehabilitation I can help. Sack the others pressures!

Develop and grow in all areas and learn to be an all round person and performer on and off your field.