Water Rehabilitation

Tomorrow’s training techniques for today’s sports professionals.

Injuries are the greatest threat to performance in professional sports. The best ways to manage and avoid injury is to,

  • Build up sufficient strength and fitness maintenance from the outset.
  • If injury occurs provide rehabilitation package to restore full fitness
  • Continue with longer term post injury support

My techniques compliment and enhance those of club coaches, physiotherapists, S & C coaches, land trainers and psychologists.  I offer individual land fitness training, and specialised rehab techniques in the pool.

[testimonial company=”Olympic Swimmer and Cyclist – Great Britain’s female Paralympian in history having won 11 Gold, 8 Silver and 3 Bronze medals across an impressive 6 Paralympic Games” author=”Dame Sarah Storey” ]
Caught up with the lovely Georgina Price, her personal training approach & injury prevention & rehabilitation background+success rate is amazing.

Combining water and land training  results in performance excellence.

[box type=”info”]The significant benefits of water/pool based fitness and rehab are:

  • Joints and muscles can be worked in the pool in a way that they cannot be on weight bearing land
  • Improved flexibility and strengthening of  muscles
  • It helps rid lactic acid and stiffness after matches and training.
  • Recovery times during rehabilitation are optimized
  • It assists players in becoming spatially aware -mindful of their body and the way it moves that may improve reaction times.
  • Breath control
  • It is perfect for the colder season as levels of intense training are difficult to achieve in snow, rain and ice.
  • Prevents “over training” and  therefore reduces injuries.[/box]

Interest in water base fitness and rehab is a fast expanding area as the medical disciplines are recognising the significant benefits.

Individuals and clubs who are looking to gain the edge over the competition will begin to incorporate water fitness and rehab into their day to day training eventually.

Some examples: 
I have used water when working with injured cricket players including England Player Jack Brooks. While also working with Barry Goudriaan : Lead Physiotherapist and David Sutton : Strength and Conditioning Coach at Northampton County Cricket Club

[testimonial company=”Director of Sale Sharks Rugby Union / Scottish World Cup Captain” author=”Bryan Redpath” ]
George is a focused and determined individual who has a love for many different sports. George with her own experience from her swimming days allows her to understand what elite sport and training is. This enables George to have a strong grasp on the physical and mental demands for top sports athletes. George has created her own water specialism which helps train and condition many different sports.

Odilon Koubemba – Wrexham FCbroken arm – rehabilitation sessions in the pool, fitness and strength training in the gym.

[testimonial company=”Former Manchester United Goal Keeper – Now a Sport and Exercise Movement coach and semi pro footballer” author=”James Jowsey”]
I injured my ankle badly playing football so was unable to do any gym based conditioning to maintain my fitness levels. The lack of exercise meant I had lost some muscle tone and increased body fat. I approached Georgina about swimming coaching so that I could increase my fitness levels whilst I was still immobile. Not only did I increase in fitness, my technique was miles better and I also increased my muscle definition too. I would recommend her because she is a great coach who really knows what you are capable of and can break down coaching techniques so they are easy too understand too!

Darren Stevens – England and Kent County Cricketer – Provided training variety out of season, preseason training and ongoing support 2009, 2010, 2011.


Water/pool work is an underutilised resource. I can provide that specialist cutting edge knowledge and techniques for UK professionals and clubs now.