Swimming Coaching

“Water is an integral part of my work with clients because it promotes serenity but also great strength. These images, shot under water show the contradiction of water in terms of its power and it’s tranquility. Water is one of the most natural and precious resources on the earth.

Through these pictures I wanted to create images that show the power, beauty, tranquility and calmness of water. As the water flows around the body, it enables me to relax mentally and physically. It frees the mind of emotional negativity and calms everyday stresses and anxieties..”

I CAN get you comfortable in the water even if you CANT swim!!

The benefits of WATER offers :-

  • health, longevity and  performance and gives you an awesome body and mind
  • a feel good factor
  • your attention to your body as a whole working mechanism
  • clarity of the mind and stimulates different thought processes
  • relaxation and recovery
  • a fun element –seaside, bath, hot shower
  • hydration, vitality and life.

If all your hard work isn’t fun why do it?


Testimonial Former British Int. Level Swimmer
World Record Holder author Sarah Price.
I swam with Georgina for five years and she supported me after she retired from swimming. Georgina’s enthusiasm and get up and go got me through the tough times when I was low. She will motivate you, and is great at lifting your spirits.

Testimonial: Nurse Liz Barns
Georgina has been my personal trainer on land for nearly 3 years and in the pool for 9 months now on a twice monthly basis. Her sessions are always fun, interesting and varied and are tailored to my individual needs or aims at that particular time. During the past year I have competed in a couple of triathlons which would have been inconceivable prior to meeting Georgina, and she has been instrumental to this. However it is the pool that Georgina has bought about the biggest transformation. I have gone from someone who tentatively swam with my head out of the water to someone who loves to swim front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and even butterfly! I love being at ease in the water and being able to mess about underwater with my children.