The benefits of being active during and after cancer treatment

The Journey – Cancer and Recovery

Following a debilitating chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I met friends for a chat and a coffee at the local gym. As they left to go to their classes I felt alone and wished that I could join them. But having recently finished gruelingly chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments for breast cancer, I realised that I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to return to exercise.
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Cancer and its treatments can cause physical changes, and dealing with these is often stressful. Being more physically active can help you cope with and recover from some of these changes.

Why be more active?

When you’re living with or after cancer, physical activity can help you make a positive change to your life. You may be a little nervous about building up your activity levels, particularly if it’s for the first time or if you haven’t been very active for a while. You may feel too tired or just not know where to begin.

There are many ways you can become more active. Any amount of physical activity is better than none at all. If you have or have had cancer, being physically active is safe and has lots of benefits. Knowing about these can give you the motivation to get started and keep going. Being active can also help you feel that you’re doing something positive for yourself.

Physical activity varies, from day-to-day activities such as walking or gardening, to more structured exercise programmes that you might find in a gym. How much and what type of activities you choose to do will depend on your preferences, your situation and level of fitness. But even the smallest increase in your physical activity can improve your quality of life.

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