Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Georgina Price is an innovator and expert in providing holistic solutions to assist with behavioural change and behavioural evolution. Life Coaching focuses on creating synergy within each area of each individual. It is creating balance, health and wellness inside and out.

Life Coaching is for those that want to be empowered and in control by a balanced mindset and follow through in physical action exceeding goals and ultimately providing a more fulfilling life. The change may be small or large; however, every change is one step closer to the life you want.

  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Improved Confidence and Self Worth
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Relationships
  • More Focus and Clarity
  • Setting, Achieving and Exceeding Goals
  • Better balanced Life
  • A healthier, happy life – professionally and personally.

As an expert in Human Behaviour, Georgina Price has enabled many people to reach their maximum potential and exceed their core objectives. She can assist you to gain confidence, empowerment and the ability to live life the way that it was meant – completely fulfilled!

Human Behavioural Development, colloquially known as Coaching; is a powerful method through the use of language that allows each person(s) to move to a place of clarity, enhanced focus alleviating hindering problems and opening avenues of unlimited potential. It is not therapy.

It is a tool that can be used in any environment, whether personal or professional and diverse enough to create real changes and lasting solutions.

The inevitable result is change and with controlled focus it can be limitless, fulfilling boundless potential.

The Session

During the session you will work together with a highly qualified coach to gain clarity on your life, your goals and what this means to you. The extent of the session is determined by you and can provide you with control, empowerment and the ability to gain tools in your life for every situation.

You will have the opportunity to create an action plan to gain a clear vision on moving forward into the next phase of your life – a life of balance and harmony.

Working closely with Georgina Price, you’ll learn how to establish positive habits, which will in turn cause your mental anguish to weaken, so that you can begin truly living! Attract your desires into your life! The most obvious benefits of this new empowerment will be less stress, and a stronger sense of inner peace. You will become enthusiastic about your life again!

Other significant changes you will experience will be:

  • True Inner Happiness
  • Natural Confidence
  • Improved overall Health

You will have emotional freedom from your once erratic emotions; irritability and fatigue will fade away. Even your personal judgment will improve. Georgina will walk you through this self discovery, and her experience as a steadfast Spiritual Mentor will ensure that you’ll uncover the barriers inhibiting you from moving forward in life!

Have you been saying these things?

“I have no time. I am just too tired. I’ll do it later.”

It’s important to recognize that words spoken into our lives deeply affect us.

Change or let go of unwanted conditions or behaviours in your life, in order for you to progress and transform into who you want to be.