British Heart Foundation Hope Tank

At the moment, there’s no cure for a broken heart. Once your heart muscle is damaged by a heart attack, it can never fully recover. But there is hope.

The British Heart Foundation are funding Dr Tim Chico and his team at the MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics. Here they explain the science behind our Appeal.

We need to spend £50 million to fund groundbreaking research that could begin to literally ‘mend broken hearts’ in as little as ten years time.

Your support can give hope to hundreds of thousands of people across the UK.

The zebrafish can heal its own heart. By adding a zebrafish to the Hope Tank you could help heal ours too.

Dive into their hope tank
British Heart Foundation have built a beautiful digital aquarium to raise awareness of their life-saving research. Find out more about this groundbreaking science and create your own zebrafish at

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