Who, What & Why?


I have had a  long and vibrant relationship with my 3 buddies; sport,  health and fitness. Starting at a young age I represented school in all team games, athletics, x country, hockey, rounders, netball, and biathlon, including the National Schools Finals for Cross Country and winning the Schools National Biathlon Championship.

My main sport has always been swimming. I have won many big titles at National and International level. I have trained and competed at National and International levels. I am a European Masters Champion, I captained Cheshire County Swimming Team and captained Sheffield Swimming Team. As a young swimmer I was National medalist and have won BUSA’s (British University & Colleges Sport). I have attended British trials for the Olympics, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

And…I have the trophies, and the scars to prove it!


BA Hons Sociology and Social Policy  – The University of Sheffield

MS Applied Psychology – current

Sport and Exercise Education

Swimming Club Coach Qualification NVQ levels 2 and 3

Personal Fitness Trainer Qualifications :-

Master Trainer the Australian Institute of Sport  NVQ level 3-4

The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Personal Trainer  NVQ level 3


For over 20 years I have supported all types of people who have needed help with health, fitness, weight, sporting prowess,  mental  well being, concentration, cognition and fears. They have shown how it has improved their overall outlook and approach to their professional and personal lives.

The people who come to me and want to work with me benefit from the total experience of an improved lifestyle. We concentrate on all round physical, mental and spiritual improvement. I believe health and fitness are at the centre of everyone’s life. In my view those 2 things influence where you want to go to and how far you can go. Its as simple as that!

Everyone is unique. Whether your an athlete or not – everyone needs and goals are different.

I am trained in loads of different sports ( even snooker and darts!). This opens up massive potential for the type of activities we can do and what I can work into your programmes.

When we first get together it is crucial that we get to know each other and that I learn from you  about your background, your needs and what you want out of our sessions. This assessment is extremely important because I will use it to develop a bespoke personal plan . It will include setting direction, making steps and defining a path for you. The path can be as traditional or as contemporary or as futuristic as you like. We will work on this together.

At this stage you will soon discover exactly how I can help you achieve the goals you want.


Why come to me?

Now its your turn to put some ideas together.

  1. What are you not getting from your current fitness work? Are you falling short of targets? Do you need more variety, more challenges? Are you lacking ideas? How can things improve? is something missing ?
  2. Are you in good shape health wise – How is your diet, cholesterol, BP, BMI?
  3. If you need rehabilitation how is your progress? Are you where you should be right now? What meaningful support are you getting?
  4. How are you in yourself? Fine you say ? Okay then – what about your sleep? When did you last truly relax? Are you moody? What is the best thing that is going to happen to you in 2013-14?

Once you have thought about these things its time to ring me. You have read through my achievements and you know where I am at  – we can start to work together now!