Hello and welcome. So you have logged on to my website? Great! Whether you are a professional sports player, a young player, a club director, coach, or a company, there is something for everyone here and it is relevant to you.

A personal trainer with the highest qualifications in the UK. I’m a natural motivator who enjoys working with people and getting results.

Formerly a championship swimmer competing in the UK and Europe. I enjoy and specialise in pool work: the perfect environment for those who want to lose weight and get fit with minimal stress on the joints. I also teach / coach swimming to all age groups.

My qualifications allow me to incorporate both land based training and pool based exercise. I specialise in both.

I have the natural ability to encourage people to exercise that will lead to improved body shape quickly, safely and importantly with lots of fun along the way. You will get 50% more from each workout with me!

I have the natural ability to encourage people to exercise to offer support skills that will lead to ultimate body shape quickly, safely, with lots of fun along the way, make people feel and look good, younger, I don’t want clients to waste their time and not see results or benefits of exercise. That’s not what it is all about, it’s about fun and achievements.

I can incorporate both land based personal training with pool based exercise because I also hold the ASA Swimming Club Coach Qualification NVQ level3. I have years of experience in teaching and coaching swimming, many national and international swimmers and also taught children through to adults how to swim. Years of teaching experience has enabled me to motivate other swimmers, parents and other swimming coaches.

I believe staying in good shape being healthy and eating well can become a way of life and I can help you do the same. I have the right attitude, knowledge and power, and I give my clients different workouts and challenges specific to their needs.