Hello I’m Georgina Price

So you have found my website? Great! Whether you are a professional sports player, a young player, a club director, coach, or a company, there is something for everyone here and it is relevant to you.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Georgina Price and I am a personal trainer with the highest qualifications in the UK. I’m a natural motivator who enjoys working with people and getting results.

Sport Professional

I provide specialist services to sports professionals and less active sports enthusiasts!

I bring to our sessions a wide range of skills, commitment and invaluable experience. Through my years of being involved in sport as a competitor, a captain of several teams, coach and a personal trainer, I know that it is never just about the physical training …its much more! It’s the 3 P’s

The Psychological, Physical, and the Personal Skills (Mind – Body – Spirit)

I’ve created a holistic approach for individuals and for teams. My job is to educate and facilitate so that you can:-

  • Learn to deal with uncertainty
  • Cope with your emotions and disappointments during  setbacks, injuries, and ill health
  • Get back into fitness faster after setbacks
  • Achieve longevity in your career and injury prevention
  • Have a greater understanding of how to cope mentally and physically in new environments
  • Learn more about you & how to deal with stress and pressure
  • Maintain and improve fitness
  • Quickly recover and rehabilitate
  • Improve spacial awareness
  • Improve speed /agility /quickness
  • Be self aware
  • Balance your busy life
  • Enjoy training -have fun and get that ‘feel good’ vibe.

Your body is an integral system.  You need to develop and balance your approach to life as a whole. Develop your life skills. You must be able to cope with life as a professional – its ups and its downs. I can help you do this. Improved life skills will feed into your knowledge and practice and this will feed back into your life skills. It’s a circular thing and it separates out the winners from the runners-up!

By combining the 3 P’s you will perform at your best, and get the most out of your life! You will become a wholesome individual both on and off the sporting field.

 I also provide

  • On going support, not just ‘session time’
  • A team who can provide acupuncture and other complimentary therapies
  • Complimentary training that’s fun that creates a feel good factor.

Your sports career is changing. Any athlete wants knowledge and accountability for their own training and performance. With my work I can help you with this. The following article offers an insight into the benefits of sport participation Athlete Welfare and Development” by Melanie Lang